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1976-2016: 40 years of Di.Bi.

Set on fire 40 candles in the history of a Company, it’s not an everyday item.

Behind a great birthday, there are goals, struggles, challenges, bets and much inevitable daily commitment.What Di.Bi. celebrated the last October 6 2016, is an extraordinary anniversary: the story of an entrepreneurial dream wrote day after day, with honesty by a great passion.The Company received all the employees and 200 guests along the hills between Fano and Pesaro, in the  XV Century palace named Villa Cattani Stuart.

To thank, is not only a duty, but it’s also an act that come out from the bottom of the heart.
What Dibi have ever put on everything from the beginning: from the first door to the love for the home, to the love for the security of people, until the materials and the design always original and innovative; to the honesty in the relationships with its own employees, providers and partners. A company that is the extension of a home and a family.

To thank is furthermore pleasant.
Because all the participants brought to the event their own voices discussing with enthusiasm, from the meeting, in the afternoon, to the artistic and musical breaks. The event’s topics have been the design,  the security, the fidelity and the territorial connections. They’ve been lived through multisensory experiences as the food, the visual arts, the photography, the ballet, the music. Thank you very much to everyone, that, at midnight, have been awaken from a dream of 40 years long, with an authentic greeting Di.Bi.: “Welcome to the 50th” – by Michele Delvecchio.

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