Finishing panels for security doors

14 collections of finishing panels for security doors, from traditional to design ones. Easy to custiomize on patterns and colours. 

DibiVisual is the collection of finishing panels with a 3D surface which can be appreciated using our senses: sight and touch, together or one by one. From this concept comes the pay-off: Look, Touch, Feel.
The collection evokes the theory of the Five Elements from the Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. 
Thanks to the deeply-impressed surface used to create the 14 models, the inserts create dynamic games of light and shadow in the door, and give you a pleasant tactile experience. That’s why Visual.
Proposed in a range of colours which remind the earth element, DibiVisual panels can be realized among the materials: polymer-veneered for inside installation and polymer-veneered for outside installation.

Designed by: Raffaele Gerardi

DibiConcept is inspired from the current trend but realized with the non-stop creativity which characterizes Di.Bi. The door is dipped in any furnishings with personality. The collection is made of nine different models, and aluminium is the main character.Inserts can be in different finishes: satin aluminium, stainless steel and coloured aluminium (from white to green, to red and brown). This range of colours offers the possibility to customize the product according to your taste, unique and personal, combining the colours of the base and the insert on the chosen model.
For the base of the panel you can choose among the colours of polymer-veneered for inside installation and polymer-veneered for outside installation. For the aluminium insert you can choose among 15 different aluminium colours, satin aluminium and stainless steel.

Designed by: Michele Delvecchio


DibiDesign’s main characteristic is its design, which gives shape panel by panel to the surface, evoking symbols, objects, signs and sensations. With this collection Di.Bi. renewed the idea of classic, the standard codes of drawings in the door, creating new ones, more modern, abreast of the times and the current taste. You can choose among 23 different designs in 116 different colours (more than 2.600 combinations), reflecting your character in a particular mix of signs and decorations, inspired by their symbolism and by your imagination.

DibiDesign panel can be realized in one single colour choosing among the materials: polymer-veneered for inside installation, polymer-veneered for outside installation and aluminium.

Designed by: Raffaele Gerardi

Laminam is the new collection of finishing panels for security doors, produced with Laminam® laminate porcelain. It’s a thin slab, with high resistance to wear, to scratches, to deep abrasion, to frost, fire and to the effect of UV rays. All the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs are unchanging, designed to stand the test of time in all atmospheric conditions. Di.Bi. selected some colours among the available collections: Oxide, surfaces with 3D effects that reproduce the effect of oxidised metal; Linfa that wraws inspiration from wood and Collection for its full-body colour.

Plana is the newest collection of aluminium finishing panels for security doors, produced by Ponzio Pannelli. Di.Bi. selected some models for dressing Di.Bi. security doors. The panels are realized in natural fiber T.H.F. and they can be customized with aluminium inserts of 2mm or 10mm thickness. Plana collection is available for all Di.Bi. security door models, except for the models with glass insert, arched and double leaf. This collection can be used also for doors with full exposure to atmospheric agents (outdoor).

Designed by: Ponzio Pannelli 

Una Volta collection gathers the beauty of our traditional style, combining it with the fine and simple elegance which characterizes Italian design, made of timeless shapes and images. This collection keeps enriching the taste for essential trace, elementary lines and bright colours, i.e. the elements represent a sound personality.
Una Volta panels can be realized in okume wood, multilayer-wood, multi-layer solid wood with applied mouldings, polymer-veneered for inside installation, polymer-veneered for outside installation, and aluminium.  

Collection of 24 flat panels for those who like simple lines. It 'a great piece of furniture for modern and classic styles. They are available in melamine, veneer and laminate.

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In the past, the totem was a natural element which had a special cult from clans or tribes. 
DibiTotem collection is inspired by designs and sculptures, reminiscent of the signs and symbols of past civilizations, interpreted with modern style.
The decoration of the models is concentrated on the full height of the central panelling section, with a raised panel engraved with carvings and slender figures which gather in them the upward flight towards the sky and the unknown.

DibiTotem panel can be realized in one single colour and material, or in two colours and materials choosing among polymer-veneered for inside installation and polymer-veneered for outside installation.

Designed by: Raffaele Gerardi

DI.BI. has applied the marquetry technique to the creation of finishing panels for its security doors: a striking new collection, richly surprising and always original. DibiIntarsio collection is hand-crafted, painstakingly fitting together pieces of different materials, cut by laser one by one, following a carefully balanced design. This precision process gives a splendid result, making the door panelling a precious decor accessory.
DibiIntarsio panel can be realized in two or more colours and materials, choosing among the materials: polymer-veneered for inside installation, polymer-veneered for outside installation, flat melamine, flat wood-veneered and flat lacquered panels; creating more than 1.900 combinations.

Designed by: Raffaele Gerardi


Sensunels comes from the collaboration with Karim Rashid, one of the most brilliant designer of our age. With this collection we want to think out of the box, to amaze, to create a new style, to leave a sign. We want to reinvent the door as a decorative and furnishing element, able to communicate our passion and to arise emotions. 
”Sensunels” is the name given just by Karim Rashid, combining the two cores of the projects: Sensual and Sentinel, seduction applied to a technological security product, blended together by the hand of Karim Rashid.
The collection has 10 exclusive models, each one available in different colours, varying from very bright to very subtle colours.All models have a glossy lacquered finishing for a shining and crystal effect in the door.

Designed by: Karim Rashid


Starting from an innovative material such as the natural HDF made of coloured wood pulp, we have created DibiDoku Collection: a plenty of finishing panels for security doors.
Anyone can enjoy and play designing his finishing panels: at the end of the “game” you can print the drawing, together with the price, and deliver it to the nearest dealer.
Choosing this material we have also decided to sustain the environment because there is no need to cut down trees to produce it: it is a material made from wood fibres obtained from wood processing wastes and dyed with organic colorants. The assembly of the panels is totally hand-made, with extreme care.
DibiDoku panels can be realized using 9 modules made in natural HDF, available in 8 different pastel colours, very attractive and modern.
Thanks to the laser-cutting process, in any DibiDoku product it is possible to have names, numbers and symbols, to keep customizing your house or your office.


Designed by: Michele Delvecchio and Raffaele Gerardi

Ceramix collection opens new vistas on the world, allowing beauty to be admired and new frontiers to be discovered. With Ceramix as well, you can customize the doors to match your tastes, your home and your true emotions. The effect is surprising: as space expands and new and original horizons, captured in a variety of colours and forms, open the mind to fantasy with an invitation to travel. Anywhere.
High-resolution digital images and photos can be printed in ceramic tiles, which are inserted in the finishing panel, in one of the 9 available shapes.

Designed by: Michele Delvecchio

Designed by the Italian painter Paolo Del Signore, Fables is a collection of finishing panels where he could give shape to his tales using coloured marquetries, playing with wood tiles and mortising laser-cut pieces. A creative game which gave life to a painting-door or a door-painting. Also in this experience, the genius of the artist can get in contact with the industrial and artisan production.
Fables proposes 16 finishing panels realized in a limited and numbered edition, personally autographed by the painter. Each panel reproduces the artist work and has an evocative name.
Fables panel are made of natural HDF, the environmental-friendly material with Di.Bi. already use for DibiDoku Collection.

Designed by: Paolo Del Signore

The evolution of DibiDoku has no limits: born DibiDoku Linear, which uses multi-colored stripes called "cookies". These cookies are playing the lead role because juxtaposed in sequence, give life to special effects of coloured lines.
Each of the 10 models of the collection of coatings DibiDoku Linear derived from a single "biscuit", which is repeated on all the height of the panel, creates a chromatic effect surprising.
It is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the color!

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The very new DibiDoku Intarsio Collection has a great peculiarity: the innovative way of using the 8 colours of HDF material.
Instead of the different-sized modules, we use a single monochromatic base and we inlay it with multicoloured stripes (simply called “biscuits”), to create different drawings on the panel. The result is a fresh and modern design. All stripes are carefully inlaid by hand, piece by piece.
The DibiDoku Intarsio Collection presents 12 models, where each monochromatic panel can be combined with 10 possible proposals of “biscuits”.

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