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Di.Bi. attends Fuorisalone 2024!

Di.Bi. will attend the Design Week with a setting of the Di.Big pivot door within the Design Outdoor Taste (DOT) event, located in the Brera Design District

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Di.Bi. sttends Saudi Build in Riyadh

Di.Bi. will have a stand for the 2024 edition from 26 to 29 of February

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Di.Bi. will join Made Expo 2023 in Milan

From 15 to 18 of November 2023, Di.Bi. will take place in the Made Expo in Milan, the most important trade fair for the constructing industry in Italy.

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DI.BI. attends for the second time The Big 5 Construct Kenya

The Big 5 Construct Kenya, the most important construction trade fair of the country, will take place from 8 to 10 of November

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La legge di bilancio 2022 (234/2021) ha approvato la detrazione IRES e IRPEF al 75% con lo scopo di abbattere le barriere architettoniche nelle case. Il bonus punta a creare ambienti senza ostacoli e può essere richiesto anche in assenza di persone over 65 e disabili in casa.

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The catalogue of the pivot door Di.Big has been updated with new options for finishes and customizations.

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DiBi. attends BAU Munich 2023

Di.Bi. attends BAU in cooperation with Flessya interior doors company

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DI.BI Porte Blindate participate at The Big 5 Construct Kenya

From 9-11 November is taking place in Kenya The Big 5 Construct, It is the most important building and construction event in Kenya and Di.Bi Porte Blindate will take part in it.

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The great success of Di.Bi Porte Blindate at the Batimat Paris 2022

From 3 -6 October 2022 Di.Bi Porte Blindate participated to the Batimat Paris 2022, the international multi-specialism trade show for the construction industry

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Di.Bi. Celebrates 45 years of activity!

October the 6th is the 45th Di.Bi. birthday, an important milestone for the entire staff, sales network and partners worldwide!

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New Catalogue Di.Bi. Security doors renewed in content and graphics is now available on our website !

The products catalogue for the home security Di.Bi. has been updated with the latest novelties that Di.Bi. introduced over the past few months.

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883 SKIN - new glass security door with an elegant and bright look

883 SKIN is a new model of security door signed Di.Bi. which encloses the features of the 883 and Opentech security door models.

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New collection of finishing panels PLANA by PONZIO - dominance of geometry.

The PLANA finishing collection has been designed to customize the entrance security door panel with new materials, colors and geometric patterns.

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New Product 2021 - "invisible" security door RASOMURO

We present you the brand new security door Rasomuro that allows you to integrate perfectly the frame into the wall, blending it into the surroundings.

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New models of the LAMINAM finishes collection!

Proceeding with new products 2021, we present you new models of the LAMINAM finishes collection along with those already existing.

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January 13-15, 2021 Di.Bi. will attend the BAU 2021 ONLINE

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The BIM file of DI.BIG. has arrived!

From now on you can download the BIM files of the pivot security door Di.Big to add it into your architectural projects!

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New look for Di.Bi. with the renewed logo!

Di.Bi. Porte Blindate comes with a new updated logo, in favor of dynamism and design!

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Our DI.BI. SHOP is now online!

Long-awaited e-commerce signed Di.Bi. is now online. Another step towards customers to be more sociable and available.

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We are pleased to inform you that from today on our website is available the catalog of pivot security door Di.Big in Russian!

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New installation manuals with QR code technology are online!

With the QR code the virtual technology meets the printed paper.

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January 11-16, 2021 Di.Bi. will attend the BAU 2021 Munich

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Renewed concealed hinges for outside use

Concealed hinges are renewed and now become compatible also for outside doors Di.Bi

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The pivoting security door Di.Big with fixed sidelights and top windows!

Di.Big continue to amaze. Now available with various combinations of fixed sidelights and top windows.

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The new catalogue for security doors is online!

A new release of the catalogue with a new concept that puts together the technical aspects and design of the doors.

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March 13 -16, 2019. Di.Bi. will attend the Italian tgrade show for building materials and interiors.

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GALATEA like a new product certified Di.Bi.

The grate in painted steel or stainless steel is the new product of

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The pivot security door Di.Big is available with blind fixed and glazed!

Di.Big takes others new forms. We have updated the offers for the pivot door.

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Di.Big won the Muuuz international awards 2018 !

Di.Big pivot door receives the prize in Paris as product of the year!

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Di.Bi. è partner ufficiale Cashback World - Lyoness

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Batimatec exhibition in Agers - April 23-27

Di.Bi. attends for the third time the Algiers international exhibition for building materials.

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Di.Bi. at Fuori Salone in Milan

The upcoming exhibition for Di.Bi. if at Space & Interiors.

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Di.Bi. at MADE Expo 2017

Di.Bi. will attend the eight edition of the well-known international exhibition MADE Expo in Milan

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MAGNUM SIZE for 883 and Opentech 1 leaf

The two models 883 and Opentech 1 leaf are now available in dimensions up until 110 cm width.

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Di.Bi at the ARCHITECH@WORK in Milan

The ARCHITECH@WORK exhibition will be on 23th and 24th November

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Di.Bi. at OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co. in Bologna

This year, Di.Bi. in partnership with Consorzio LegnoLegno, participates to OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co.,

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Poker 1 in classe anti-effrazione 3

The Poker 1 door has been certified anti-burglary in class 3.

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1976-2016: 40 years of Di.Bi.

Set on fire 40 candles in the history of a Company, it’s not an everyday item.

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Di.Bi. to the Saudi Build 2016 in Riyadh

For the second time Di.Bi. attends to the 28th edition of the Saudi Build,

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Di.Bi. at OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co. in Torino

This year, Di.Bi. in partnership with Consorzio LegnoLegno, participates to OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co.,

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The new arrival 2016 has been launched: Di.Big, the brand-new security door

In the year of the 40th anniversary of activity, Di.Bi. launches a new product for the market of luxury design: Di.Big. Di.Big is the new security door with pivotal opening. It’s flush with the frame and equipped with double lateral deadbolts in both sides of the door-leaf. Di.Big is compatible for external use, thanks to its thermal and acoustic performances, to the watertightness and air permeability. Di.Big is a one leaf door available in dimensions: width 110 to 170 cm x max height 270 cm. With Di.Big, the Company shows once again its ability to offer a wide range of products responding to all needs: from the most technological to the most essential, to most luxurious.

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Di.Bi. to ExpoCamacol 2016 in Colombia

For the first time Di.Bi. attends to ExpoCamacol 2016,

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Di.Bi. at OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co. in Bari

With a major success, it already took place two of the five stages in Italy

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Di.Bi. at OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co.

This year, Di.Bi. in partnership with Consorzio LegnoLegno, participates to OpenDay Porte Finestre & Co.,

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#LePorteDellaBellezza - CONTEST Di.Bi.

#LePorteDellaBellezza –The contest which show all the beauties in Italy

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Di.Bi. to BATIMATEC 2016 in Algeri

Di.Bi. confirms its attendance to the exhibition “Batimatec 2016” in Algeri from the3rd to the 7th of May 2016.

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Di.Bi support the FAI

We want to safeguard Italy. Di.Bi and the institution FAI work for this.

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DibiBlind turns new colors

Now DibiBlind is available in 19 colors during all the 2016!

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1976 - 2016: Di.Bi. celebrates 40 years

2016 is a very special year: Di.Bi. celebrates 40 years of activity!

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Di.Bi. at the exhibition in Nigeria

The first great event of 2016 for Di.Bi. is Africabuild, the show for building and interior finishing that will take place in Lagos, from the 16th to the 18th of February.

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“The Big5”2015: Di.Bi. confirms its participation

Di.Bi. will attend once again to the international building and construction show “The Big 5”, in Dubai from the 23rd to the 26th November 2015.

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Technical-comercial courses

Every months Di.Bi organizes training days for technicians and installers of the sales network

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Di.Bi. to BATIMAT 2015 in Paris

For the first time Di.Bi. takes part to BATIMAT, the international exhibition of construction industry, that will take place in Paris from the 2nd to the 6th of November 2015.

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Di.Bi. on ArchExpo

Di.Bi. appears on ArchExpo portal

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The technical knowledge development program on the ground.

Di.Bi company visits his clients house-to-house for a technical knowledge development session.

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06/10/2015 is now in French

Di.Bi. launched the French version of the website

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Di.Bi. attends the event organized by Italia House the 7th and the 8th June 2015.

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Di.Bi Attends BATIMATEC 2015 in Algers, ALGERIA

For the first time, Di.Bi. attends “Batimatec 2015” International Exhibition in Algeri, from the 3rd to the 7th may 2015.

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Laminam is the new collection of coating in porcelain certified Di.Bi

Laminam is the new collection of coating for our security doors realized with laminate porcelain.

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EVVA lock cylinders fo our security doors.

EVVA provide you mechanical locking system with internal coding. They have a high technology and security levels are so high.

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Shutters tax-deducible until 65% witouth replacing windows

The Law number 190 of 23 December 2014 has introduced an important news related to tax deduction.

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The Big 5 Show

Di.Bi. successfully attend the well known ehxibition "The Big 5" in Dubai

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See you at The Big5 of Dubai

For the first time, Di.Bi. will attend “The Big 5” exhibition of Dubai, the international building and construction show. The exhibition will take place from the 17th to 20th of November 2014.

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Kazbuild show 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Di.Bi. attends Kazbuild international exhibition in Almaty for first time. The show focuses on contructions, interiors doors and windows.

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Participation to Interior Mebel of Kiev

Di.Bi attended to Interior Mebel of kiev

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The governement incentives about renovations have been approved

It is still possible take advantage of the governement incentives for renovations and for energy requalification about the purchase of secutiry doors, rails, shutters and steel windows

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DibiBlind, Briareo and Vesta in anti-intrusion class 3

Di.Bi. extending grills and shutters passed the anti-intrusion tests and obtained the class 3 certification.

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Doors & Windows Technology International Exhibition: Tehran, 19-22 January 2014

Di.Bi. attends for first time at the international exhibition of Tehran dedicated to doors and windows. A new challenge for Di.Bi.

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884: the class 4 security door

884: the safest security door produced by Di.Bi. Designed for people who requires the highest safety standard for his house.

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Di.Bi has participated to Made Expo with a surprise

Di.Bi has participated to MADE EXPO. It is the most important italian trade fair related to design, architecture and building. It will be in Milano-Rho from 2-5 October

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DibiVisual: the unique collection for security doors with 3D surface

DibiVisual: a collection which can be appreciated using our senses: sight and touch, together or one by one. From this concept comes the pay-off: Look, Touch, Feel.

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DibiConcept: the new collection of finishing panels for DI.BI. security doors

Inspired to the contemporary fashion trends, DibiConcept is colour based and interpreted with creativity; the two pillars that distinguish Di.Bi. in its sector.

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New defender for the double bitted locking system!

The latest device to upgrade the security rate of Di.Bi. doors: the defender for the double bitted locking system!

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