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883 SKIN - new glass security door with an elegant and bright look

883 SKIN is a new model of security door signed Di.Bi. which encloses the features of the 883 and Opentech security door models.

The 883 SKIN Security door is a security door with glass insert that matches the same technical characteristics of 883 Single leaf door and 883 Double leaf door but with a completely renewed look.

New modern design of the 883 SKIN security door creates a contemporary and functional environment wherever it is installed thanks to the glass panel that makes any home spaces cozy and full of light. The aesthetic continuity is manifested in the absence of visible frames, first necessary to contain the glass - the real protagonist of the new 883 SKIN.

The choice of materials has also been made to ensure greater comfort and safety of staying at home. The plexiglass panel demonstrates high resistance to weathering, tampering as well as ensuring greater safety in case of fire as it does not produce toxic fumes unlike other plastic materials.

Visit the page dedicated to the new 883 SKIN security door on our website and discover all its application solutions.

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