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EVVA lock cylinders fo our security doors.

EVVA provide you mechanical locking system with internal coding. They have a high technology and security levels are so high.

ICS and 3KS are the two models of a mechanical locking for all Di.Bi’s products.  ICS offers differents locking technologies for high protection: the time-tested curve system, the durable length profile and distinctive track system with internal recesses. The reversible key is made by nichel-silver alloy and hidden internal codes which make impossible the illegal duplication of key. 3KS doesn't require repairs and it is highly resistant. Its pins are relocated acrossthe overlapping curves of the key realized trought the milling.

The original keys can be bought only at the EVVA store. Both of them are provided of antipicking, anti-probe. antiperformation and pulling protection. In addition the keys can be directly adapted in the place of installation.

The lock cylindr is available in a kit with three or five keys and it will be provided by another lock cylinder to be substitute at the final of the installation.


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