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DibiVisual: the unique collection for security doors with 3D surface

DibiVisual: a collection which can be appreciated using our senses: sight and touch, together or one by one. From this concept comes the pay-off: Look, Touch, Feel.

The collection evokes the theory of the Five Elements from the Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements are also defined according to the seasonal Ch’i: wood (Yang) is Spring ch’i, fire (HYang) is Summer ch’i, metal (Yin) is Autumn ch’i, water (HYin) is winter ch’i. Earth is the central force. 

Thanks to the deeply-impressed surface used to create the 14 models, the inserts create dynamic games of light and shadow in the door, and give you a pleasant tactile experience. That’s why Visual.

DibiVisual panels are proposed in a range of mat colours which remind the earth, and they are available in 54 different colours from the polymer-veneered for inside and outside installation. This collection can be used both for the external and the internal panels of the doors, but in a position well protected from atmospheric agents.

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