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GALATEA like a new product certified Di.Bi.

The grate in painted steel or stainless steel is the new product of

Grate is a new product for window security’s released by Di.Bi.

It is a window security sistem’s and it is available in inox steel. So, it can be suitable with installations on the coastal regions. It represents a source of protections for windows and patio doors as weel as the extensible gates called DibiBlind and Briareo and the armored shutter Vesta. This products carry out the same functions but each of them has differents features based on the ease of use and personal tastes.

The grate can be opened both to the outside home both to the inside home. The extensible gate packs without creating space when it is opened. In addition it is convenient in case of door-window because it doesn’t have the lower guide. The shutter protects from intrusions and it is blackout so it can be assembled alone or with the grate. This products are available in the same colours so they can be more combined. The roller shutters are equipped with adjustable slats so it can work like a shading.

Every product satisfies a different need. This 4 products are able to defray all the practicals functions related to the everyday use. 

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