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The pivot security door Di.Big is available with blind fixed and glazed!

Di.Big takes others new forms. We have updated the offers for the pivot door.

The door is provided with glazed sidelight and top daylight with the same finish of the cladding panels. This requirement is established thanks to our clients who thinks to a more big opening for residential entrance. They desire to create highlight or aesthetic continuity between the door and the wall.

We are greateful to purpose you our suggestions for frames with sidelight and top daylight on all the combinations offered for our security doors. If the door is provided of the  fixed top daylight,the insert has been studied to be flush against the door cladding panel to offer an ahestethic continuity on the surface.

In 2018 Di.Big was purposed with the electronic door locks and different cladding panels. Check the page related to the product Di.Big pivot security door.

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