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Laminam is the new collection of coating in porcelain certified Di.Bi

Laminam is the new collection of coating for our security doors realized with laminate porcelain.

Di.Bi has launched the ceramic coating choosing the most known product with the best technical services. In fact the new collection of coating has been called Laminam.

This collection can be installed outside beacuse the material has a high resistence to wear, freezing, fire and against the UV rays. This will keep the colors intact. Di.Bi has choosen eight colors of three collections between the Oxide which has tridimensional effects that reproduce the effect of oxidate metal; Linfa which take inspiration from the oak and Collection for the color in tutta pasta. The available templates are:

  • The smooth model – single plate panels
  • The modern model – horizontal plate panels that are cut with laser and an insert of satin-finishing aluminium collocated in the central part of the pane

Laminam collection make the security doors certified Di.Bi more elegant and sophisticated.

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