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#LePorteDellaBellezza - CONTEST Di.Bi.

#LePorteDellaBellezza –The contest which show all the beauties in Italy

Di.Bi Group celebrate 40 years of company activity through a contest called: #LePorteDellaBellezza and his aim is  to enhance the Italian historical, architectural and landscape heritage with photos which show the beauty, monumentality and the art of doors and gates, arches and entrances of public buildings, historic buildings, museums, town halls, bourgeois houses, villas and stately entrances. Every citizen is called to take some time to admire how beautiful their cities are: doors are a boundary between public and private and a defense of privacy but also an opportunity and a gateway to open up to the culture of Italian beauty. Participate to #LePorteDellaBellezza with us!

Art. 1 - Creation
The contest was planned by Di.Bi to celebrate 40th year of activity and it will take place on the social platforms Instagram and Facebook.
Art. 2 – Competition topic’s
The photos must represent the most suggestive corners of cities in Italy with the aim to discover the beauties of our peninsula. So, the contest consists in taking and publishing photos that have a door as a subject: it can be the entrance to the city, doors of churches, arches and entrances of public buildings and villas, historic buildings, or institutions... The " door", must be the star of the shot. Other artistic expressions related to the above concepts will be welcome.
Art.3 – Duration of concept
The photos will be posted between 22th of April and 9th of September, 2016
Art. 4 – Requirements and methods for participate
- Only photos will be shared on the Social Networks Facebook and Instagram will be taken into account.
- Individuals over the age of 18 residing in Italy who are registered on social networks Facebook and Instagram as personal profiles (no Pages, Groups, etc.) can participate.
- Participants have to publish images  inserting the hashtag #LePorteDellaBellezza in the description and tag the location of the photo using the geolocation function;
- Each user can participate in the contest publishing one or more photos, provided they are original shots taken by the same participant.
- Participants who use Facebook will have to give their “Like” to the official Di.Bi page. (
- Participants who use Instagram have to follow the @dibigroup profile
- If the conditions of Art. 3  will be respected, the photos will automatically become part of the contest
Art. 5 - Jury
- All the photos will be judged by Di.Bi and Fai representatives
- The jury has the right to exclude any image or participant from the contest that hasn’t

- The number of interactions recorded by the images in the competition will not be influential for the jury's judgement

Art. 6 - Responsibilities and obligations
Participating to this announcement, the authors of photos confirm and certify that:
- the photos uploaded for the competition have been taken by themselves;
- the photos do not contain obscene, sexual, violent, offensive or defamatory material;
- the photos do not contain discriminating material for gender, ethnicity and religion;
- the photos do not contain political material;
- the authors obtained the permission to publish photos where other people appear; 
- it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that the publication of the photographs does not raise any type of legal controversy;
- the organizing committee has the right to eliminate photos deemed unsuitable and which do not meet the before mentioned features
Art. 7 – Use of the images participating in the contest
Di.Bi. can dispose of the rights of the photos after quoting the author using his name or username.
Art. 8 - Awards
The first three winners will receive mention on our social channels and they will be invited to celebrate 40 years of activity of Di.Bi. in a party the 6 of October ,2016.
Art. 9 - Proclamation of the winners
The winners will be announced on the social profile and their name will be posted on  the official social channels of Di.Bi
Art. 10 - Treatment of personal data
Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, winners personal data’s  are collected for the purpose of awarding procedure. The interested part can access to his personal data and he can correct, complete and collect the data.
Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of  terms provided and consent to the processing of personal data


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