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New collection of finishing panels PLANA by PONZIO - dominance of geometry.

The PLANA finishing collection has been designed to customize the entrance security door panel with new materials, colors and geometric patterns.

Plana is the new collection of aluminum finishing panels for Di.Bi. Security doors produced by Ponzio Pannelli that give new life to planar and geometric lines.The panel is made of natural THF fiber, an innovative material obtained from studies and technologies that give the panel an incredible strength and elasticity.

Plana collection panels host inside a special extruded aluminum profile which allows to create a unique and innovative combinations. It is possible to choose the type of insert whether 10 or 2 mm according to the project or personal tastes.Being produced in aluminum, finishing panels for Di.Bi. Security doors of PLANA by PONZIO collection can also be installed outdoors, in direct contact with atmospheric agents.

Discover all new models of the PLANA collection on our official website page dedicated to Finishing panels.

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