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Poker 1 in classe anti-effrazione 3

The Poker 1 door has been certified anti-burglary in class 3.

Di.Bi is especially  known thanks to the evolution of the production processes oriented to produce high – performing products. This advantage has introduced Di.Bi  into highly competitive market, in fact the pivot security door Poker 1 has been certified anti-burglary in class 3.

The door passed successfully the anti-bulgary test and it becomes a single-sheet armored door. The poker 1 door has been designed to people who research a standard size product with an exclusive and customizable design perfect for the installations against the intemperie.

The Poker 1 door is compatible with other types of doors with all our finishing collections and it can be personalized with a lot of accessories.

All the novelties of The Poker 1 door are available on the dedicated page.


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