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Renewed concealed hinges for outside use

Concealed hinges are renewed and now become compatible also for outside doors Di.Bi

For over 10 years Di.Bi. launched the security door with concealed hinges, model Essenzia. However, the search has never stopped and today it is possible to insert the concealed hinges also on standard doors, 883 and Opentech models. Aesthetic appearance adds to the door a touch of modernity and linearity.

New concealed hinges are designed to be installed on both internal and external doors that are sited in direct contact with atmospheric agents. This is the advantage of an innovative new hinge that we propose to the market; in general, this type of hinges are incompatible with the outdoor installation, the R&D department managed to combine both the needs of aesthetics and usability in the same product.

The door with concealed hinges does not change its characteristics and performances that remain equal to the doors with visible hinges.


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