• Security doors Drago 30

Drago 30

The fire resistant security door

Drago security door is the line of fireproof and smokeproof security doors with EI1 20 - EI2 30 fireproof Certification, according to the European rule UNI EN 13501 - 2:2009 – certified to resist during 30 minutes.

This door is certified for the fireproofing 30 minutes only if equipped with Mab door closer. If the door is not equipped with the Mab closer, it cannot be certified according to the European rule, even though it maintains the same technical features of fire and smoke resistance.

Drago door is for internal installation and cannot be installed in contact with direct sun and rain.

Door with an anti-intrusion class 3, it also offers very good sound insulation.


Finishing panels for security doors

Security for windows

Fire and smoke resistance
30 minutes
Thermal insulation
1,59 - 1,70 W/m²K
Acoustic insulation
35-36 dB
Class 3
Air permeability
Class 3
Resistance to wind load
Class 5
Class 9
Security doors for internal installation
Thermal transmittance notes
1,59 W/m²K con pannello esterno spessore 10mm 1,70 W/m²K con pannello esterno spessore 4mm
  1. Subframe made with 20/10 thick galvanized steel with nr. 12 anchors to wall
  2. Frame made with 20/10 thick pickled steel, painted brown Ral 8017 and complete with plastic covers,fire proof and smoke proof gasket and footers
  3. Adjustable hinges on 3 axes with brown hinge covers
  4. Cover made of 30/10 thick steel sheet to protect the locking system side
  5. Doorleaf made of three galvanized steel sheets 30/10 thick. Gasket in the perimeter of the leaf
  6. Plasterboard                                                                                                                  
  7. Door insulation with mineral wool, density 145 kg/m3
  8. Security locking system with core with European cylinder with 1 master key + 5 keys with card equipped with drill-proof manganese cover. Panteted Rolly Defender, drill-proof, dust-proof
  9. Opening limiter and inside service lock
  10. Upper deadbolt bar
  11. Handle set in bronzed aluminium (inside handle + outside fixed knob. Upon request, outside turning knob or inside+outside handle)
  12. Automatic door closer
  13. Weatherstrip bar and fire proof bar
  14. 5 fixed deadbolts on the hinge side
  15. Rock wool
  16. Lateral deadbolts

Locking system with European cylinder 1+5

European cylinder locking system with 1 red master key + 5 black keys (1 master key for each cylinder) with card for key duplication. The lock is equipped with a service lock inside and it is protected inside by a hardened steel drill-proof plate. Outside, patented Rolly magnetic defender, drill-proof, dust-proof, with tear-proof base.
Handle kit Poker

Handle kit Poker

Poker knob

Poker knob


cm W 80-85-90 x H 210

Out of standard: 

cm W from 70 to 100 x H from 190 to 230 (1 cm by 1 cm)

Push Opening

Installation solutions

Complete file

Download the PDF with the technical drawings of all installation solutions of frames and subframes proposed by Di.Bi.

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Documents download

Checklist for taking dimensions
Products guarantee
Instruction manuals
Performances - Reg. EU 305/2011
  • Checklist for taking dimensions of Drago security door 1.37 MB
    Checklist for a proper procedure for taking dimensions of security doors DOWNLOAD
  • Guarantee for Di.Bi. products 25.95 KB
    Guarantee statement for all Di.Bi. products (rev. July 2018) DOWNLOAD
  • Form Installation Check 571.32 KB
    Form for the Installation Check - to be used after the installation DOWNLOAD
  • Instruction manual for the installation and adjustment of security doors with regular hinges 1.22 MB
    Instruction manual for the installation and adjustment of Di.Bi. security doors with regular hinges (rev. 07/2020) DOWNLOAD
  • Instruction manual for security door handle kit 2.18 MB
    Instruction manual for Di.Bi. security doors handle kit (rev. 07/2020) DOWNLOAD
  • Instruction manual for the installation of frames on 1 leaf security doors 1.70 MB
    Instruction manual for the installation of frames on subframes of 1 leaf Di.Bi. security doors (rev. 07/2020) DOWNLOAD
  • Thermal insulation for DRAGO 30 door 684.04 KB

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