• Security doors Argo
  • Security doors Argo


The most competitive security door

Argo is the most competitive security door anti-intrusion class 3, in terms of quality/price ratio. Projected to answer to a market who looks for a fine product with a competitive price, it is available only as for internal installation in one standard dimension, with silver colour handle kit.


Finishing panels for security doors

Security for windows

Thermal insulation
2,02 - 2,36 W/m²K
Acoustic insulation
30-31 dB
Class 3
Air permeability
Class 3
Resistance to wind load
Class 5
Security doors for internal installation
Acoustic insulation notes
30 dB with external panel 4mm thick 31 dB with external panel 10mm thick
Thermal transmittance notes
2,36 W/m²K with external panel 4mm thick 2,02 W/m²K with external panel 10mm thick
  1. Subframe made with 20/10 thick galvanized steel with 12 anchors to wall
  2. Frame made with 20/10 thick galvanized steel, painted brown Ral 8017 and complete with gasket and footers
  3. Adjustable hinges on 3 axes with brown hinge covers
  4. Doorleaf made of one galvanized steel sheet 16/10 thick. Gasket in the perimeter of the leaf
  5. Inner reinforcement spar
  6. Wide-angle peephole
  7. Security locking system with core with European cylinder with master key + 5 keys with card equipped with a hardened steel drill-proof plate. Drill-proof defender
  8. Lateral deadbolt
  9. Upper deadbolt bar
  10. Handle set in aluminium silver colour (inside handle + outside fixed knob)
  11. Weatherstrip bar
  12. 5 fixed deadbolts on the hinge side

European cylinder locking system 1+3

European cylinder locking system with 1 red master key + 3 keys with card duplication. The lock is equipped with a hardened steel drill-proof plate. Outside, drill-proof defender.
Handle kit Poker

Handle kit Poker

Poker knob

Poker knob


cm W 80 x H 210

cm W 85 x H 210

cm W 90 x H 210


Installation solutions

Complete file

Download the PDF with the technical drawings of all installation solutions of frames and subframes proposed by Di.Bi.

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Documents download

Performances - Reg. EU 305/2011
Checklist for taking dimensions
Products guarantee
Instruction manuals
  • Certification ARGO - Anti-intrusion 829.05 KB
    Anti-intrusion certification for security door ARGO model DOWNLOAD
  • Certification YOUNG 1 - Acoustic insulation 119.88 KB
    Acoustic insulation certification for security door Young 1 model DOWNLOAD
  • Certification YOUNG 1 - Resistance to wind load 191.35 KB
    Resistance to wind load certification for security door model Young 1 DOWNLOAD
  • Certification YOUNG 1 - Thermal transmittance 699.10 KB
    Thermal insulation certification for security door Young 1 model DOWNLOAD
  • Checklist for taking dimensions of security doors 2.34 MB
    Checklist for a proper procedure for taking dimensions of security doors (rev.2014-05-07) DOWNLOAD
  • Guarantee for Di.Bi. products 25.95 KB
    Guarantee statement for all Di.Bi. products (rev. July 2018) DOWNLOAD
  • Form Installation Check 571.32 KB
    Form for the Installation Check - to be used after the installation DOWNLOAD
  • Instruction manual for the installation of the Argo security door handle kit 2.65 MB

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