• Security doors 884 - Arched door

884 - Arched door

The anti-intrusion class 4 security arched door

884 arched security door has the same technical features and performances of model 884.

884 is the answer to people who requires the upmost security standard for his house or working place.

884 can be customized as all DI.BI. security doors, both in terms of finishing panels and installing solutions, offering our highest anti-intrusion class.

884 arched door is available for standard and out of standard dimensions, as a security door for internal or external installation.


Finishing panels for security doors

Security for windows

Thermal insulation
1,13 - 1,26 W/m²K
Acoustic insulation
30-31 dB
Class 4
Air permeability
Class 3
Resistance to wind load
Class 5
Class 9
Security doors for external installation
Acoustic insulation notes
30 dB with external panel 4mm thick 31 dB with external panel 20mm thick
Thermal transmittance notes
1,13 W/m²K with external panel 10mm thick 1,26 W/m²K with external panel 4mm thick
  1. Subframe made with 20/10 thick galvanized steel with 12 anchors to wall and reinforcement plates for deadbolts
  2. Frame made with 20/10 thick galvanized steel, painted brown Ral 8017 and complete with plastic covers, gasket and footers
  3. Adjustable hinges on 3 axes with brown hinge covers
  4. Doorleaf made of two galvanized steel sheets 20/10 thick. Gasket in the perimeter of the leaf 
  5. Horizontal bars 20/10 thick
  6. Thermal insulation with high density polyurethane
  7. Wide-angle peephole
  8. Security locking system with European cylinder with 1 master key + 5 keys with card with 4 throws core equipped with a hardened steel drill-proof plate. Patented Rolly defender, drill-proof, dust-proof
  9. Opening limiter and inside service lock
  10. Lateral deadbolts
  11. Handle set in aluminium bronze chrome (inside handle + outside fixed knob)
  12. Weatherstrip bar or standard bottom rebate of the door threshold
  13. 5 fixed reinforced deadbolts on the hinge side

D-SMART Cablata

Il cilindro elettrico D-SMART è disponibile anche in versione cablata, diventando così una serratura elettro-meccanica. La porta si apre con chiave tradizionale, trasponder, pulsantiera interna da remoto, tastierino numerico e app da smartphone e tablet.  

Locking system with European cylinder 1+5

European cylinder locking system with 1 red master key + 5 black keys (1 master key for each cylinder) with card for key duplication. The lock is equipped with a service lock inside and it is protected inside by a hardened steel drill-proof plate. Outside, patented Rolly magnetic defender, drill-proof, dust-proof, with tear-proof base.

European cylinder Yale

European locking system with a set of 5 user keys. (outside: cylinder, inside: service lock with little knob).

Top security European Cylinder EVVA 3KS

3KSplus is the most resistant mechanical locking system, due to its unique, patented, springless operating principle. Unlike conventional cylinders, in 3KSplus the locking elements move along the curves on the key and are not driven against a spring force. The reversible key have a unique rounded tip and overlapping curve millings, that practically rules out key manipulation within the locking system. The additional coding also provides highest security. 3KS ensures picking and scanning protection,drilling and plug pulling protection. It's provided with 3 or 5 key plus a disposable cyclinder to change after installation.

High security European Cylinder EVVA ICS

ICS offers different locking technologies for high protection: the time-tested curve system, the durable length profi le and distinctive track system with internal recesses. It ensures anti-picking and scanning protection, drilling and plug pulling protection. It is produced in modular design and can be adapted to the door requirements directly on-site. The high-quality nickel silver alloy make the key durable and resistant. The concealed, inner recesses make unauthorised duplication of keys practically impossible. It's provided with 3 or 5 key plus a disposable cyclinder to change after installation.

Out of standard:

cm W from 70 to 100 x H from 190 to 260 (steps of cm 1)


Push opening

Installation solutions

Complete file

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